photography basics for birth doulas


Doulas fulfill a vital role on a life-changing day in a woman’s life.  Heartlove Photography offers a half-day workshop introducing the basics of birth photography and how it adds value to every doula’s work.  Using the camera or cell phone you already have, we will examine the ways you can get beautiful, emotional images alongside your primary roll giving doula support.  Then we’ll dive into how you can use those image to increase engagement on social media, customize your website and enhance your client’s experience. But what if I’m called to a birth? A make-up class is scheduled for each time this class if offered.

Topics Include:

  • Added value of photography services
  • Benefits of photography for web presence and SEO
  • Using images to acquire new clients and enhance the experience of current clients
  • Using your own camera vs. using the client’s
  • Finding time to take photos while still making doula work the priority
  • Camera Basics
  • Lighting Basics
  • Finding the right angles/Composition
  • Recommended equipment
  • Finding “the moment”
  • Techniques for hospital and home birth
  • How to capture medical interventions/c-sections
  • Respecting the birth space and privacy
  • Storage, presentation and delivery of images
  • Consultations, model releases, questions to ask clients before labor
  • Bereavement Photography
  • and more!

Tuition Includes:

  • 4 hours of instruction
  • Online Community for additional questions, photo critiques and more
  • Client Questionnaire and Model Release templates
  • Printed “Quick Tips” reference guide to keep in your doula bag


This class is NOT:

  • specific technical instructions for individual cameras
  • manual settings for DSLRs

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