3 year milestone session | Pasadena, MD Photographer

I believe in capturing milestones because when you turn 3, you stand a little taller than ever before – but shorter than you’ll ever be again. The shape of your neck is no longer hidden by a chubby baby chin – but your cheeks are still full and round. Your eyes light up when you talk about your favorite type of airplane and your tongue still gets in the way of perfectly pronounced words. Your pincher fingers are finding all sorts of things and testing how they fly when you throw them or storing them in your pockets for another day. You still tug your ears when you’re feeling tired – or shy. You are curious and fearless enough to be out of mama’s reach – but not quite ready to let her out of your sight. Just a little bit of your time and a few shutter clicks will be your ticket back to the time between baby and childhood.

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